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So, after a few years of thinking about it and a couple of delays in between, I'm finally going on my big South American adventure this year. I fly out of Johannesburg to Buenos Aires on the 8th of April. No major plan as such, but pretty much just hoping to see as many countries as possible and get a good bit of surfing in.

I put this site together quickly just to keep family and friends updated on where I am, where I've been and what I've been up to, so in the coming months I hope to fill it with good stories and pics.

This home page will have all my latest blog entries or you can click on the links on the left for different countries etc.



el fin del viagem    (submitted on 20 November 2009 07:04)

After almost 7 and a half months (223 days to be exact), I am now on my flight home from Ministro Pistarini International Airport in Buenos Aires, where I landed at the start of my trip. The 8 and a half hour flight home seems a walk in the park compared to the mammoth bus journeys I've been on over the past months, the longest of which was 31 hours.....read more >>

sunshine in puerto madryn    (submitted on 17 November 2009 16:50)
sunshine in puerto madryn

On Tuesday the 10th of November at 5am we boarded a bus in Ushuaia, to start the first leg of the mammoth journey back north to Buenos Aires. The first major stop would be Puerto Madryn about halfway up. After several border controls, jumping between Chile and Argentina, a ferry across the Strait of Magellan’s we arrived in Rio Gallegos some 12 hours later.....read more >>

ushuaia, el fin del mundo    (submitted on 14 November 2009 10:42)
ushuaia, el fin del mundo

At 7:30am on the 5th of November, we boarded a bus to Ushuaia on the island of Tierra del Fuego, in the Patagonia region of Argentina. The main reasons people go to Ushuaia for are that it is the port where cruises to Antarctica leave from and also because it is considered to be the most southerly city in the world, hence the "Fin del Mundo" or "End of the world" slogan it has....read more >>

6 day trek through torres del paine    (submitted on 9 November 2009 08:22)
6 day trek through torres del paine

At 8am on the 27th of Octrober we boarded our bus to Puerto Natales in the Chilean Patagonian region and about 6 hours later we rolled into Puerto Natales, a small village on the banks of the Seno Ultima Esperanza. We had planned on staying in a hostel pointed out in the guide book, but fortunately it was full and we were directed to another hostel - Hostel Pauletta.....read more >>

el calafate and perito moreno    (submitted on 6 November 2009 12:12)
el calafate and perito moreno

After hanging out in Buenos Aires for a few days pretty much just recollecting myself after quite an intense month and a half in Brazil, on the 24th of October I flew down to El Calafate, deep in the Argentine Patagonia. The plan was to meet Anna, whom I'd met in northern Peru, visit the Perito Moreno glacier and take things from there. The trip started off on a slightly bad note....read more >>

iguazu falls - completely mindblowing    (submitted on 22 October 2009 16:24)
iguazu falls - completely mindblowing

This entry is under Argentina because I visited the park on the Argentine side but really, it should be under Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay as the area is shared by all 3. Strictly speaking Paraguay doesn't share the falls, but it does share the Parana river which forms part of this Tri border area.....read more >>

florianopolis, or rather ilha catarina    (submitted on 22 October 2009 09:11)
florianopolis, or rather ilha catarina

After leaving Ilha do Mel on the 1pm boat, on 15th of October, I hoped I'd make it into Florianopolis for sunset. But, after a few delays in connecting buses I only arrived closer to 10pm. It was also much colder than I expected eventhough it really isn't that far from Ilha do Mel. I got a bus to Barra da Lagoa, which is the area of the island so many people had told me about.....read more >>

trindade and ilha do mel - tranquility    (submitted on 16 October 2009 17:24)
trindade and ilha do mel - tranquility

When morning came on the 8th of October on Ilha Grande, I woke up to what looked like a typhoon outside. I contemplated staying on the island one more day to sit out the storm, but then figured it would be best to just use a crappy day like that for travelling. Not such a good idea. By the time I had walked all the way along the beach to the docks, I was soaked. I got onto the ferry and within 40 minutes I had arrived at Anger dos Reis, and the storm was still going....read more >>

ilha grande and not so much chill time    (submitted on 15 October 2009 11:51)
ilha grande and not so much chill time

After the last party in Rio, I decided I really need to get some quiet time and on Monday the 5th of October I headed out to Ilha Grande, home of what is supposedly one of the top 10 most beautiful beaches in the world, Lopes Mendes, and there's surf! ....read more >>

rio - the city where pedro never sleeps    (submitted on 7 October 2009 16:00)
rio - the city where pedro never sleeps

When Tav and I rolled into Rio on the 28th of September I knew we were going to party a bit, after all it's a city known for good parties, but what I didn't know was that Rio was a candidate city for the Olympics, and the partying after the announcement and for a few days after was more than I could handle.....read more >>