Peru has started a bit shady, what with loads of blockades getting to Cusco, a bit of a traveller's bug etc. but the city of Cusco is beautiful. The plan for Peru is a 5 day trek to Machu Pichu, river rafting, sandboarding, the Nazca lines and then a few weeks of surfing in Northern Peru.

mancora - sun, surf, great crowd and a hotty    (submitted on 2 August 2009 20:39)
mancora - sun, surf, great crowd and a hotty

It's been ages since I've written on here because frankly, Mancora, on the Northern Peruvian coast has taken over my life completely over the past 2 weeks that I've been here. This place has had it all - great partying, amazing sunsets, good surf, a brilliant bunch of lads and an absolute more >>

chicama sessions - feeling old, a robbery and almost crapping in my wetsuit

After 3 days of waiting, I finally got in the water today, the 18th of July. The sea had been flattish for the past couple of days, and today the swell picked up again. Dorris's nephew Alex and his 2 buddies from California saw I had been out in the morning so figured my foot must be fine and invited me to go surf the cape with them. These guys are all 16 and today for the first time ever, I felt old - or at least they made me feel old when we went in the more >>

chicama - getting ready for world's longest left    (submitted on 16 July 2009 11:04)
chicama - getting ready for world's longest left

On Wednesday the 15th of July, after my session with the caballitos, I decided to leave Huanchaco for Puerto Chicama - only 2 or so hours away and home to the world's longest left. I decided to save money and rather than going on some organised trip I took a local "collectivo" (much like the minibus taxis back in South Africa), then a local bus to Puerto Malabrigo a.k.a Puerto more >>

surfing the centuries old way    (submitted on 15 July 2009 14:48)
surfing the centuries old way

After days of frustratingly looking out at the sea and hearing other surfers coming back from a session, knowing that I couldn't go in because of my cut foot, I finally said screw it, and went in today. Not to surf my new board, but to try out the Caballito de Totora - a reed fishing "boat" that's been used here by fisherman for more >>

first day on new board - wet dream then nightmare    (submitted on 12 July 2009 17:33)
first day on new board - wet dream then nightmare

Today, the 12th of July, I took my brand new board out for it's first session. Because I got it really cheap I was a bit worried that as soon I got it in the water it would sink, but fortunately it rode beautifully. I really struggled at first because it's much shorter than any board I had ridden before and after being in the water, and paddling my ass off for every wave that came along without success I was getting more >>

huanchaco - exactly what i was looking for    (submitted on 10 July 2009 16:53)
huanchaco - exactly what i was looking for

I arrived in Huanchaco at about 10pm on Thursday the 9th of July, and while the taxi driver (who brought me from Trujillo where the bus stops - a big city a few kms away) drove me to my hostel I already knew I was gonna love this place. My hostel is right across the road from the beach, and last night while I caught up on some emails in the courtyard, I sat in a hammock and listened to and smelt the more >>

leaving lima and the road to huanchaco    (submitted on 10 July 2009 16:23)
leaving lima and the road to huanchaco

The problem I have with big cities, and particularly South American ones, is that they're just that, big cities. When your bus arrives at the outskirts after being mostly in small villages for days, you, or maybe just me, start feeling stiffled by the pollution, traffic and surrounding slums. And, arriving in Lima was no different. In fact, I really just wanted to leave the night I arrived. And this is where the second big problem with big cities comes in. As much as you want to leave they somehow find a way of holding you more >>

lima day 1 - big city hunting for a surfboard    (submitted on 6 July 2009 22:54)
lima day 1 - big city hunting for a surfboard

On Sunday the 6th of July, I arrived in Peru's capital city, Lima. Not really wanting to waste my time in South America with smelly ,overcrowded capital cities, most of which remind me of European cities anyway, my plan was simple: Get to the city early enough to visit an electronics shop where I could get a new camera (mine seized working recently), find a surf shop selling cheap second hand boards, and then get the 10pm overnight bus outta there to Hunachaca - a small surfing village just north of Trujillo about 12 hours from more >>

huacachina - oasis town, sandboarding and dune bugging    (submitted on 3 July 2009 17:20)
huacachina - oasis town, sandboarding and dune bugging

On Wednesday the 1st of July after 12 hours on what has to be the best bus I've ever been on, we rolled into the town of Ica. Before talking about Ica and Huacachina I have to mention how truly brilliant the service on the Cruz del Sur bus from Arequipa to Ica was. more >>

colca canyon trek - sore legs, football, a ghost story, a party and nearly a fight

On Sunday the 28th of June, I headed off to the Colca canyon (about 3 hours from Arequipa) to do a 2 day trek. I didn't really know what to expect but figured it would be a leisurely walk through the canyon, observing condors on the way. Wrong!! The second day ended up being possibly the most strenuous exercise I've done since starting my more >>