welcome to chile

  • salt plain on way to chile
  • border control in middle of nowhere
  • is it another planet?


This morning, once again I barely managed to get to my bus on time. I'm getting good at these last minute situations. Destination was San Pedro de Atacama in Northern Chile, on the edge of the Atacama desert. The bus ride was full of canyon scenery, yet different from what I experienced in Cafayate. This was a lot more desert like and in some places looked like a different planet. It was long bus ride (about 12 hours) and because I had very little sleep over the past few days, I kept on going in and out of sleep. One time I woke up and looked out the window and we were going throgh a salt plain. San Pedro is where I plan on starting my trip to the salt plains of chile and the Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia.

We eventually arrived in San Pedro and I checked into my hostel. Which also happens to be the worst hostel I've stayed in and am considering moving out tomorrow. Also, Chile is way more expensive than Argentina so I think I won't  mess around here for too long - gonna do the things I planned on doing i.e. sandboarding and then gonna get outta here.

I'm hoping tonight there is no social activity in the hostel as I'm absolutely shattered. Going to hit the sack early, have a lie in, and then have a look around town before I head off for my sunset sandboarding experience.